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We want to welcome you to this most powerful website. We say that it is powerful because we know that the Lord gave it to us to give to you. It is Important for us, as we utilize this process of communication, to share with you the pure ministry of the word. It is our desire to educate and inform you of those things which are vitally important to the body of Christ. In this presentation we're sharing with you things of a personal nature as well as of a professional nature. Our family members are just as important to us as those ministry facts that we share with you. Everything that affects us also has an effect on the ministry we share with you.


The pictures that reflect our domestic and foreign relations are shared with you so that you may experience on this site the things and people we've enjoyed as we have been there and done that. DeEtta and I, both, desire that as a result of affecting your life and being a part of you in these moments that you experience God in us, that we would be able to make a difference and that you will be even better after we would have visited your life and ministry.


We want to specifically share with you the following: "West Ministries International exists for the purpose of promoting the Gospel of Jesus the Christ through out the world.  We've gone wherever the Lord has led us to preach and teach the word of God to hungry minds and dying souls.  This ministry is in the business of encouraging integrity in the body of Christ.  The Lord has encouraged us in such a way that we try diligently to reach the people of God with a level of spiritual intelligence that is not often found in many churches and ministries today". 

Thank you so very much and do enjoy your visit with us at West Ministries International (James West Ministries, Inc.)