This program is designed to address problems peculiar to families who are living below the poverty line. Those families will be identified by churches and social welfare agencies and recommendations will be made to this program identifying those families. Participants are required to go through an assessment process that will identify and evaluate particular areas of concern. Assistance will be offered based on need(s) over and beyond already available funds to accomplish minimum needs.


Assistance will be offered in the following area(s): 1) Child and Adult Day Care, 2) Transportation, 3) Professional Counseling Needs, 4) Food Assistance, 5) Agency Support Systems, 6) Medical Needs, and 7) Other Identifiable Needs that can be met by the program.


The minimum time offering family assistance will be for a period of one year. Upon completion of the first year of service an evaluation will be made to determine need for further assistance for an agreeable time period.


All services will be conducted by the programs’ director and other professionals in related fields as needed.