The organization is presently offering a Life Skills Program for youth, 12 to 18 years of age, that teaches and/or assists in developing skills that will allow them to be better equipped to address issues and concerns that young people face  today.  This program is a year long  program that offers workshops and/or program activities after school .  Participants in this program will have the opportunity to become involved in a program that promotes stability, good citizenship and character.  Prior to enrollment participants will be evaluated on their attitudes and behaviors so that a final evaluation can be conducted to observe the strengths and weaknesses of participants following the program.  


Workshops and/or program activities will be offered in the following areas:  1) Proper Hygiene, Nutrition, and Health;) 2) Sex Education, with focus on abstinence and the ramifications of sexual relations;  3) Interrelationship Skills, with emphasis on the roles and responsibilities for both males and females; 4) Conflict   resolution, with emphasis on violence prevention and intervention techniques;  5) Life Management, high-lighting developing positive goals and objectives;  and 6) Substance Abuse Education, emphasizing prevention.  


All classes will be conducted by expert consultants and professionals in their related fields.  Participants will also have an opportunity to be involved in positive recreational leisure time activities that include tours, sports activities, etc.  


All activities related to this program will be monitored and evaluated by the organization’s Board of Directors.  30% of the organization’s time is spent on this activity.