This program is designed to assist and provide young people with financial assistance support in their academic endeavors. There will be two targeted groups of youth: 1) high school senior who are in preparation to enter college/university level work and 2) those students that are in college that are in need of assistance and available monies are not sufficient. Participants are required to go through an evaluation process that will identify and evaluate financial need and academic potential/strength. After participants complete their evaluation process monies will be provided to the targeted schools for use in the student’s account. In some cases ‘stipends’ will be given directly to the student.


Ongoing relationship will be maintained with the chosen student(s) and proper school officials to assure that funds are being properly utilized by the chosen student(s) and that requirement of the program are being met so that ongoing financial support may continue its course


All activities and concerns related to this program will be monitored and evaluated by the organization’s Board of Directors.