(From Trash To Treasure)


The main focus to all the programs of D.P.N.D. (Depend) Outreach, Inc. is to build up the whole person. We have found that when the Head of the Family is not functioning properly members of the family will face all sorts of hardship. The children are always the suffering ones as a result of the disfunctioning father or any many cases the absentee father.


When children are without the proper presence and functionality of their parents there’s a great if not greater chance that child will face insurmountable problems in his or her life. D.P.N.D. Outreach, Inc stand with the conviction that something must be done. That something ranges from educational training to actual hands on presence functioning to assist the individual in developing desire, knowledge, and skills to ‘do the right thing.’


Temple Building is just what is says, building the person from the child stage of life to one who is fully developed and operating as a responsible adult. Particular attention will be given to the concerns for the male-child. We will make sure that the child exists as a child and that the adult is exists and operates as a responsible adult. We believe that “it takes one to know one.”


The Temple will be built ‘one brick at a time”